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(ClockMaker is now Peachy Software, formerly Broadcast Widgets).

ClockMaker: Generate Radio-Standard Hourly Clocks with Precision and Ease

ClockMaker is a dedicated application specifically designed to assist radio and media professionals in producing industry-standard hourly clocks. Recognized and utilized by numerous professionals, it simplifies hour formatting and ensures adherence to your station's established format, enabling presenters and DJs to focus on what they do best.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Hourly Clock Creation: Generate radio-standard hourly clocks with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Streamlined Formatting: ClockMaker automatically formats the hour ensuring consistency. (Options include over scheduling, thirty minute and two hours clocks can also be created.
  • Convenient PDF Export: Easily export your hourly clocks to PDF format for convenient printing and distribution to colleagues, staff, or associates.
  • One Time License: No annual payments. Pay once. (Minor version upgrades are free but, coming soon...)

Version 3 Upgrade: We are actively developing the next iteration of ClockMaker, and all new (and recent purchases) users will receive a complimentary upgrade upon its release, currently anticipated for March/April 2024.

Platform Compatibility: ClockMaker is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Post-Purchase Access: Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email from Peachy Software containing your unique license key.

Broadcast Widgets: ClockMaker was moved into the Peachy Software family of products for 2024. Same owner, same development team, same support.

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You'll receive a license key to unlock ClockMaker.

Windows and Mac
One time (for version)
Three for each user
Version 3 Upgrade
Free for new users


0 ratings
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